Math Teaching Ideas

Counting with Buttons

Make Math Fun with Buttons!

Introduce or reinforce math skills with simple activities using objects you have around the house, like buttons! Your little ones will enjoy these games that utilize their natural curiosity while sparking counting and sorting skills!  While you’re at it, be sure to check out our printable counting worksheets for kindergarten! You may, or may not, have fond memories of math.…

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Teaching Kindergarten Math Skills

How to teach kindergarten math skills – 5 Ways to Get Started

Teaching foundational math skills to kindergartners is essential to fostering young minds that can make sense of the world around you.  Knowing just how critical these foundational skills are can be a daunting task for any teacher.  However, there are countless strategies and methods to nurturing counting, adding and subtracting skills to sort through.  Molding minds should be fun and rooted…

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Counting - Learning Numbers

7 Fun Ways to Teach Counting!

Counting is a math skill that we use every day as adults.  It’s become so ingrained in our psyche, throw repetition and application, that we barely think about the counting exercises we perform on any given day.  Counting is a seriously important and teaching it to young students or people with disabilities can be much more challenging than expected.  Let’s…

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Elementary school student writing math problem

What is Regrouping in Addition and Subtraction?

We are sure you can envision the looks of terror and panic if you utter the word “regrouping” in your math class.  The concept can even make parents and teachers tremble in fear wondering how to effectively teach the strategies needed to solve problems involving regrouping.  Take a deep breath and relax the grip you have on your marker, all is well, and…

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