1st Grade Place Value and Comparing Worksheets

1st Grade Place Value Worksheets

1st Grade Place Value and Comparing

Students begin to learn about place value by grouping blocks into sets of tens and ones. Students count by tens and ones to represent a two-digit number. The blocks used to represent two-digit numbers are used up the grades to represent even greater numbers and as an aid to computing with whole numbers.

Students learn about the size of numbers by “building” them with base ten blocks. If you do not have a set of these blocks, you can use pennies and dimes to build two- digit numbers. To reinforce the skill, have students show a given amount of money less than 100¢ using the fewest pennies and dimes as possible. Students should begin to recognize that they need a number of dimes equal to the tens digit and a number of pennies equal to the ones digit.

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Worksheets (all activites are free, printable PDFs)

Modeling Numbers

Students use base ten blocks to “build” two-digit numbers. This work helps them begin to understand that the digits in the tens place of a number represents groups of 10 rather than just 1. This 1st grade lesson covers the following Common Core Math Standards: 1.NBT.B.2

Counting Ones

Students are given a set of ones blocks. They circle groups of 10 blocks to identify the number of tens. Then they write the total number of blocks as a number of tens and ones.


Students are shown sets of tens rods. They count the tens and write the number.

Tens and Ones

Students are shown models of two-digit numbers. Each model has a number of “rods” or tens blocks and some ones blocks. Students write the two-digit number the model represents.

Draw Number Models

Students draw a model of a two-digit number. They will identify the number of tens and ones in a number and draw rods (or sticks) and ones blocks (or dots) to represent the number.

Combining Tens and Ones

As students learn to count, they become more aware of tens and ones. With this set of worksheets, students identifies the tens and ones in numerals and they use a given description of tens and ones to write a number. The 1st grade math lesson covers the following Common Core Math standards: 1.NBT.B.2.b

Teen Numbers

Students write a teen number based on a ten and a given number of ones.

Identify Tens and Ones

Given a two-digit number, students write the number of tens and the number of ones.