Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets

Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets


Students begin learning about measurement by making visual comparisons. They identify the object that is longer, taller, or shorter than another.

Before students begin using measurement tools in Grade 1, they they compare lengths and heights visually. They compare weights by holding objects and then by reasoning that a larger object is likely to weigh more. Reinforce measurement skills by giving students ample opportunities to compare objects. Have them guess which stick is longer, than have them lay the sticks side by side to see if their guess is correct. Have students guess which of two small objects is heavier, then let them hold the objects—one in each hand—to find out if their guess is correct.

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Visually Compare

Students first describe attributes of objects. Then students compare attributes objects have in common. They decide which one is taller, shorter, or longer than another.

This math lesson meets these kindergarten common core standards: K.MD.A.1, K.MD.A.2

Compare Lengths

Students find the longer object. (2 printable worksheets)

Compare Heights

Students find the taller object. (2 printable worksheets)

Compare Weights

Students find the object that looks heavier. (2 printable worksheets)

Direct Comparison

Students compare the length of height of two objects to a third object. Then they make a comparison of the objects. (2 printable worksheets)